How to ask sugar daddy for money?


We all know that it's not our intention to ask sugar daddy for money, but the bad life or the coming rent force us to do so, we don't want to struggle in life, we admit that we need sugar daddy's help. When we start a sugar relationship, how to maintain and maintain our interests is important, which is why I am writing this article.

Be friends with sugar daddy. It's always easy for a smart woman to take advantage of sugar daddy. When we first meet your sugar daddy, it doesn't feel right to say how much money we need. Unless he offers, we can tell him what's bothering us, but try not to talk about the unpleasant things in your life. For example, if you don't even have money to eat, don't say that. This is really going to scare your sugar daddy. We can tell them about our work, say like I said I have a full-time job a half a job and I have plenty of side hustles and finessing,So we need a sugar daddy who can spoil me.

Put it in a way that they can understand. Like sharing a bag we like, describing how much we like it as much as possible, and if he gets it, we'll see the bag from sugar daddy in a few days. We can share our nails, or hair, and send some beautiful photos to him. We can say that you could just be like oh babe like I need my hair and then you know sit him hairstyles and black which one do you like which one would you be comfortable paying for lol emogi. We can do other things as well. Share our life with sugar daddy, when we meet happy things, we can let sugar daddy know.

Learn to praise. Praise is an irresistible force. we we're giving out compliments to them we're giving out compliments over and over and over will compliment on their clothes or probably on their cars,we have to okay be energetic and friendly or just come off super friendly. It's easy to get sugar daddy to pay for you, trust me.

let's just make sure that we're looking good and let's make sure in like. When we are attractive enough and confident enough, our requests will be more easily met.that's not right we're gonna try to conversate with these people get to know these people and actually legitly start getting money out of them.

Don't rely too much. nobody wants to help somebody that's like always needs them.I'm talking about the finessing, and making your side hustle its finessing.we're gonna this is the extra bread. All right, girls, I hope this can work for you, Your methods may be better at getting money from your sugar daddy and getting along with him.