How to chat with sugar daddy the first message happens?

 chat with sugar daddy

First, know him well enough. You can read his profile carefully to see if he is your sugar daddy potential or if you are meeting his expectations for sugar babies. Perhaps you can also learn about his interests from his profile.

Second, start with a compliment. Try to start with something simple. Clothing, for example, or other small details that convey a genuine compliment. Let him talk about himself as much as possible. If you want to get to the point quickly, you can ask him about his career.

Third, let him know if you are interested in him. If you are not happy during the conversation, it is better to add some expressions when sending messages to let him know that you are happy to chat with him. You can make it more personal by letting sugar daddy know our nicknames.

Fourth, have a joke. When he sends you some pictures, if he is in a restaurant or playing some sports, such as golf, you can suggest that she take you there as a joke. It's important to keep the conversation interesting. Flirting in a casual way will often win you points with your sugar daddy.

 sugar baby allowance

Fifth, don't ask sugar daddy for pocket money during the first conversation unless she asks you. When you start a formal date for the first time, you can make your offer. Ask him what you want to know about him, and you won't get an answer if you don't ask.

Don't be shy when you talk to your sugar daddy. When he asks you what you want, just say you want to be loved. You can also answer him in a joking way. Our website has prologues that apply to any situation any profile, you can download all prologues without worrying.