Ten Rules for Dating Sugar Daddy

 dating sugar daddy

More and more women are joining the ranks of sugar babies. Many sugar babies asked: "What should I do with my first date with Sugar Daddy? How can I become a sugar baby that is more popular with Sugar Daddy?" Here is the dating guidelines for Sugar Baby, I hope this will work for you.

Assertive. In dating, we don't need to wait for a man to arrange our trip like a fool. We need to have our own ideas, such as which restaurant to eat and what to eat, or where to go to have fun. There is a rough schedule in our minds that doesn't have to waste a lot of time thinking about what to do with each appointment. Naturally revealing your hobby can make Sugar Daddy like you more. Of course, this also requires the consent of Sugar Daddy.

Dress up properly. You need to draw a delicate makeup, this is the respect for the sugar daddy. Don't dress too sexy or professional. It doesn't have to be too shiny like the lady gaga, and the comfort of wearing it is as good as usual. A beautiful dress may be the best choice.

Loyal and honest. Most sugar daddies are very successful businessmen. Guessing that women's ideas have made them tired of sugar dads, they prefer candid and sincere sugar babies, they want to give their brains a good rest, and express yourself to get more sugar.

Listen carefully. Some sugar daddies just need to be with them. They need to find a baby who doesn't know their own sugar to brag about their success and find a sense of presence and satisfaction. You can meet their requirements, accompany and listen to them.

Show charm. You can learn some unique techniques, such as hand-made DIY decorations, show your own unique charm in the leisure time of accompanying sugar dad, maybe there will be a lesser harvest.

Learn about the preferences of sugar daddy. For example, his favorite restaurant, favorite brand, favorite sports, least favorite things, or small squats, you slowly explore. The more you know him, the closer you are to him. You have to know that it is not just sex that makes a person happy.

Stay fresh. If you don't want your sugar dad to abandon you, you need to keep your freshness. How to do it? First of all, you need to do something different with your sugar dad every time. The proper little romance and small atmosphere is very good. Secondly, you need to keep a little distance from the sugar mash, don't stick together often, leave him for a while and let him miss you, then you are back to him. Finally, with regard to your preferences and habits, you should not let him know at one time, and let the sugar cubes slowly discover your unique personality and charm.

Make sure you are safe. There are still many unpredictable dangers in dating. How to ensure your own safety? Maybe every time you and your sugar dad are dating in different places. Here are a few tips to get you out of danger. First, every time you have a date, you need to keep in touch with a very familiar person and let him know where you are. Second, be mentally prepared and discover the strangeness in the process of getting along. Last but not least, you need to know that everything is negotiable, and you should not be overexcited in your appointments.

Make a good agreement with Sugar Dad. It is necessary to make an appointment with Sugar Dad. The agreement includes the amount of money that Dad needs to pay each time he meets. Whether the gift and the meeting consumption are included in the amount promised by Sugar Dad. Do you need specific regulations such as making love with Sugar Dad. This can maintain a relationship for a long time, and it is also the protection of sugar babies.

Appropriate flirting. We can relax during the date. Proper flirting creates a happy atmosphere that promotes faster familiarity with each other. Or get some benefits from it. Of course, you need to grasp a balance, which is a smart approach.